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Dear Elks,


I have thoroughly enjoyed serving as your chaplain over the past year.


There is a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout this lodge, which is why I count it a blessing to have met and get to know you. Suffice to say, we are a community that serves a greater community, and this service is best performed as we adhere to all of the principles of our order. These are simply not words we memorize; they are words for us to live by.


Moreover, there is an Elk who most certainly exemplified all of these principles.


I never had the opportunity to meet him, yet from what I have heard, Steve Gollob was an Elk whom we absolutely looked up to. If I were to ask you, “Did Steve live by the words of charity, justice, brotherly love and fidelity?”, the answer would certainly be a resounding ‘yes!’


This being said, we all have our own lives to live and face different situations that may bring out the best – or worst in us. Yet regardless of any situation, we all took an oath to adhere to these four principles. There is no exemption clause to keep just one or two.


In the end, one day all of us will be remembered.

Will future generations observe us in the way that we remembered Steve?


I am incredibly optimistic for BPOE Lodge 2128. We have an abundance of talent and a bright future is ahead. As your outgoing chaplain, my parting message is to encourage you to remain steadfast in all the principles of our order.

Part of the opening prayer is to ask God to ‘lead us beside the still waters of peace’. As He does this, it is up to us whether or not we keep those waters peaceful.

I am fully confident that as we continue living up to our oath, that future generations of Elks will remember us - as we have remembered our departed.


May God bless you,

Jonathan D. Hodges

Chaplain, Elks Lodge # 2128

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